Amazon is a well-reputed site to sell goods. It has been expanding with time and now it has already made its mark, which it is trying to maintain.

As a seller, you can avail two options. One is Amazon Seller central. Another one? Its Amazon vendor central. In seller central, you have to pay a fixed rate at every product at the end of the month whereas in vendor central Amazon buys the goods directly from vendors. Vendor Express is the need of the day as it connects sellers and vendors through the central system. This vendor express will the Amazon buy the product from the vendor and handle all the shipping and merchandising costs and makes it an easy source of trading for the sellers.

The Amazon vendor express program has many features for the merchants that include,

  • No cost for joining which is a very good initiative for the beginners and to encourage more and more sellers.
  • It will also offer the cost of shipping to Amazon and from the warehouse to the customers. This is an easier way for sellers to get going.
  • The storage and handling of the order are done by Amazon making sure the goods get delivered on time and the product is merchandised well and kept safe and packed nicely.
  • It also offers prepaid shipping to Amazon
  • This will also let your product show on Amazon and offers more integration into the catalogue and search.
  • It will also offer free shipping to the customers on the order less than $35
  • Customer service is kept the first priority. Amazon vendor express offers 24 hours customer service.

What products you can sell through Amazon vendor express

There is a list of goods that you can sell on Amazon through this program of amazon vendor express. That includes, arts crafts and sewing ( this includes all the unique handmade and customized product which will have less competition and more profit margin). They also have appliances accessories (this includes all the daily day to day appliances which you might need to do your household chores and other daily jobs), baby products that should not include clothing and shoes ( this will include all the baby products and accessories), bedding and bath accessories (this will include all the bedding accessories and bath lines and all the rugs and carpets ), camera and electronic items, power and hand tools, cell phones and it accessories and daily groceries.

These all are the products you can sell on Amazon and many more products, which all cannot be enlisted.

Amazon will offer you a great deal on products and help you get the products you want at the best rates and has multiple outlets for sellers to earn more and more profit and also offer the sellers multiple options to choose the best possible plan or criteria they want.

This big advantage of this vendor express program is that anybody can join this and the customer service is handled by Amazon itself.