Myths and misconceptions are very much part of life and that same goes for world’s best marketplace Amazon about whom hundreds of people have been spreading negative with all thanks to the word-of-mouth. Many of the netizens who are noob take it too seriously as they believe everything on the internet is true. And that’s when this hoopla or hoax turns out to be facts for many.  So, here we are going to play our part with debunking myths that have been floating on the internet as facts for many.


Knowing someone in Amazon can work your way

A common mindset that keeps revolving in newbie sellers’ mind is if you know some corporate officer in Amazon, the suspension may be a word unknown to you as he can settle things for you. Our experience with Amazon tells that once you’ve done a violation nothing can keep you away from the axe, no matter even if you are a close aide of Bezos. And if you still think some political name can abridge between you and Amazon, we are sorry once again as even if US President is on your side, it won’t be giving you any edge at all. The transparency within the lines of Amazon is one of the reasons it has risen up as one of the two $1 trillion valued companies across the globe.


Suspension occurs when you deliberately violate rules

Many of the sellers think acting noob or ignorant can work their way as that would not lead to the Amazon Account Suspension but trust us Amazon has no soft corner for such sellers. The story of kicking off as a seller is quite the same as a car driver as if you don’t comply with any of the rules it can cause your life, no chance about that. So, whether the violation is a deliberate one or that accidently happens, you’re going to pay the loss and not to forget your account is up on a stake and so is your hard earned money.


Amazon Seller Team is biased towards some sellers

Many of the sellers think that Amazon seller team is upon the mission to wipe off sellers to maintain the monopoly of some sellers or brands particularly but there is nothing true about that. Such sellers went on spreading this fake news as they feel that Amazon team has something personal with them and that’s why they are being sanctioned every now and then. These sellers need to understand the rules and regulations thoroughly in order to avoid Amazon Account Suspension as pelting stones on this bigwig marketplace won’t make any difference.