Already excited because you signed up as the seller on Amazon? Well, congratulations because luck awaits you. It is useful to read as much as you can about the policies and usage of Amazon before signing up.  However, no matter how extensive one’s research is, soon after signing up, trivial issues start coming up now and then. One of the major and typically the first matter many retailers face after joining is of listing the products.

Characteristically there are almost 20 categories available to list products in on Amazon. However, usually 10 and sometimes even lesser ones are accessible by the new members. In such cases, listing becomes somewhat of a challenge even for people who are well familiarized with the digital space.

Here are some easy ways and tips on how to list items for sale on Amazon without worrying too much.


Using The “Prepare Your List” Feature

This is probably the way of adding items to the account most of the people will prefer. Prior to working on your account online, this way requires you prepare a detailed excel file of your items. The suppliers can add all the products they aim to sell in an excel file. Then all you have to do is to simply upload your file on the Amazon site. The uploading process is also rather an easy one. One just has to go to the “Add a Product” page through clicking on the “prepare your listing” option. Then the file can be uploaded followed by offering the confirmation for categories.  The second last step is to compare the product’s information with having to create the lists at the end.


Listing A Lot Of Products

If you have a lot of items and are wondering how to list them, the custom template comes in handy. Amazon has an option by the name of “Custom Inventory Template”. This allows people to list their items in the smallest list of characteristics. This is an automatic feature by Amazon using which, one can list a lot of products in minimum excel attributes. This way allows the merchants to add as much information about as many products they want.


Scanning – The Easiest Route

Having products with scannable options on them is a blessing if you want to place them in Amazon’s lists. These scannable choices can be any one of the barcodes UPC, ISBN, or EAN. All that one has to do in order to list such products is to scan these digital codes. There is an option for scanning available on the Amazon’s official app for vendors. After getting the barcode scanned, all one has to do is to add that product in a relevant list. One must never forget to give away the necessary details about the product while listing it. You only require two things to list your products this way which are:

  • A barcode system on products
  • Access to Amazon’s official seller app

Choose the method which suits you the most. Happy Trading!