Everyone knows about the first four basics of doing business on Amazon. A person is first required to get himself registered on the world’s largest retailing market place. After the registration process has been completed and all the fees have been paid, then comes the listing task. Listing products in the Amazon categories are not that tiresome but require a lot of care on your part. Once the items are live for the buyers to choose from, orders make their way. Here comes the most important part of the whole process that is shipping those orders to the intended people.

Many times, a new merchant on Amazon seems confused about which delivery option they should select. Knowing the right kind of shipment suitable for your order type is very important. It can bring in a lot of revenue and make your life a whole lot easier. Here is a detailed guide on different types of shipment methods that a vendor can avail from. Give them a read and then make your decision accordingly.


Ship Yourself

There is an option available at Amazon which allows the suppliers to select any courier service they like. If you decide to avail this option, you just have to invest in the Amazon’s standards packaging stuff available everywhere. Once packed in the Amazon’s packaging, the package’s on-time delivery must be ensured by the merchant. This option is suitable for all the new birds on Amazon who are just experimenting with the business.


Easy Shipment By Amazon

This service is country-specific and not available easily. However, it makes the lives of wholesalers very easy inside the country. In a certain region, this service ensures to deliver your products in time with nominal charges. The most important usage of this service is that it takes away the strain of selecting the right courier partner. All that the sellers are required to do is to pay a little amount and get their orders delivered. The most important benefit of availing Amazon Easy Ship is that it brings customer’s loyalty and good reviews. Being available in a specific region, the orders are mostly shipped before the due time. Since, for a customer, there is nothing better than this; they are forced to shop more.

Seller Flex Services By Amazon

Having considerable proportions of inventory and tools can be a little tiring because it requires hard work to stay managed. This service is for those who have a lot of inventory and are seeking assistance to get their warehouses managed. Amazon provides the holders of this service, some people to help in packing and shipping in return for a fee. The work was done by Amazon’s team members of somewhat similar to what they do in FBA.


Everyone knows about this one and how it works. Subscribing FBA means you just have to send your product to the fulfillment stores. Then, all the work is done by the Amazon team itself.